FairWild in a (wild) nutshell

FairWild is a sustainability framework for the collection and trade in wild plant products. The FairWild Standard guides businesses in sustainable collection and resource management, simultaneously ensuring collectors ethical working conditions and a fair wage.

FairWild certification is the best way to implement the FairWild Standard — it means that buyers, whether ingredient traders or consumers, know they are dealing with legally and sustainably harvested products.


How we deliver meaningful change



Sustainable livelihoods, community development, gender empowerment, and ethical working conditions are at the heart of the FairWild Standard and our certification scheme.



The protection of individual plant species and their wider ecosystems is obviously a key component to our sustainable resource management framework.


FairWild in action

We’re making a difference to communities and ecosystems across the world. Explore our success stories and see how the FairWild revolution is building a fairer world for people and plants.