FairWild certification is a third-party audited system, whereby audit and certification against the FairWild Standard is conducted by suitably qualified control bodies (CBs).

Product certification is based on EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012, addressing the institutional requirements to be fulfilled by a CB certifying products, processes and services. Until 2016, audit and certification services have been solely provided by the Swiss Institute for Marketecology (IMO, today renamed ECOCERT IMOswissAG), which has substantially contributed to the development of the scheme in the early years of the FairWild programme.

In 2016, FairWild Foundation opened its certification scheme to other certifiers. Accreditation is overseen by a coordinator appointed by the FairWild Board of Trustees, with an independent accreditation unit planned for the future. CBs interested in becoming accredited should get in touch for further information.

FairWild approved control bodies

FairWild certification requires an annual audit from an approved control body for the FairWild scheme. The following CBs are accredited:

Please note other control bodies may be in the process of application. Contact us for the latest information.


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