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Working with FairWild demonstrates your commitment to sustainable sourcing, environmental protection, and ethical working conditions. It shows your customers, partners, and clients that you care about the future of wild plants, and those who collect them.

Join the growing movement working towards a brighter future for people and wild plants.




We encourage all businesses to implement the FairWild Standard, by incorporating the principles to their policies and practices throughout the supply chain. FairWild Certification provides third-party assurance and a fair-trading system for sustainably produced ingredients. Looking to source ingredients? Visit out Buy FairWild page for more.

Otherwise, find out the best ways to work with FairWild below.


FairWild for producers

Producers – or wild plant collection operations – are the only entities that are eligible for FairWild Certification. This is a fantastic way to start your FairWild journey - benefiting the sustainability (and thus longevity) of your target species, as well as the workers and harvesting communities who collect them.


FairWild for brands and traders

Ethical, responsible, and sustainable sourcing is a key component of the FairWild vision. We connect companies with FairWild-certified suppliers, and help them implement the FairWild Standard within their supply chains. We help brands to label and market their products using the FairWild mark.


FairWild for retailers

We’re building momentum among retailers, showcasing the value of traceability, sustainability, and ethical practices throughout wild plant supply chains. Find out how we can help you source responsible products and build consumer awareness – in store and online.

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