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OF wild plant collectors

supported in securing ethical working conditions, fair income and access to international supply chains



by buyers of FairWild-certified ingredients from Spain, Kazakhstan, and Georgia alone via the FairWild Premium Fund


A shout-out to wild plant collectors

Although 60–90% of medicinal and aromatic plants in trade are wild collected, and the World Health Organization estimating up to 85% of the world's population relies on herbal medicines to meet its health needs, too little is known about the collectors who supply them and the appreciation they deserve.



Wild plant collectors supply the world with essential consumer ingredients, but often come from some of the world’s most marginalised communities.

They are typically mostly women, have few other opportunities to earn income, and in many cases come from ethnic minority or indigenous backgrounds. Often, the art of the art of wild-harvest comes from traditional knowledge of what parts can be collected, when, how much, and how often — irreplaceable skills and know-how gathered over generations of collection.

Key components to the FairWild Standard include “Principles” relating to the working conditions, payment, contractual relationships, and community benefits of collectors — empowering them to reap the rewards of their work.


The FairWild Premium Fund

FairWild is committed to building a fairer, more sustainable world for people who rely on wild plant collection.

We want to empower collectors, stamp out exploitation, and ensure revenue is shared fairly throughout the supply chain.

The FairWild Premium Fund is one way in which we do this — supporting social development projects for wild plant collectors, their families and their community.

The system is flexible, with the amount paid dependant on the collection, production and sales volumes involved. The collector group and buyer(s) calculate and agree on a fixed contribution per year, alongside the relevant projects it will help fund.

Just one more way we’re working to build a better world.


We work for people, and for plants. Find out more about how FairWild helps protect wild plants, as well as their wider ecosystem …