FairWild Forum 2019 – registrations now open!


January 2019 - This year the FairWild Foundation will organise the first “FairWild Forum” – an international training, networking and professional development event focused on the verification of sustainable wild collection according to principles of the FairWild Standard.

The event will be open to a mixed audience of professionals with a technical background in sustainable wild collection. With expert facilitation and training, it will involve in-depth discussion of a variety of topics related to sustainable wild collection and implementation / auditing of the FairWild Standard.

The event is organised in the framework of the FairWild Auditor Competence Program (building capacity and knowledge of FairWild auditors) and will be held in conjunction with a meeting for accredited FairWild control bodies.

In 2019, participation in the FairWild Forum will be by application. Places will be limited to circa 15 participants to ensure a high quality, focused event.

The event is suitable for:

  • Expert auditors and control body staff: professionals with a technical background in wild collection inspection and certification (FairWild, organic wild, etc.). Participation in the FairWild Forum will contribute to fulfilling training requirements for qualification as a new FairWild auditor and build the knowledge of experienced auditors.

  • Herbal products industry: quality managers, sourcing and supply chain management professionals, involved with organising and/or supporting wild harvest operations to implement sustainable wild harvest projects

  • Civil society organisations and technical service providers: professionals involved in managing conservation / development initiatives with a sustainable wild harvest component, and/or providing support services to wild collection operations.

  • Regional and national authorities: government agency staff charged with the regulation and harvest management of wild plant resources.

  • Scientists and individual experts: with research interest and experience in environmental, social and economic issues related to wild plant collection, biodiversity conservation and rural development.

The FairWild Forum 2019 will be held between 24 – 27 April 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. The event is budgeted at a cost of 450 EUR / participant, with second and subsequent participants from the same organisation benefitting from a reduced rate of 390 EUR / participant. This cost includes meals and local travel to field site during the event, but excludes international travel, airport transfers and hotel.

If interested in attending FairWild Forum 2019, please contact the FairWild Foundation Secretariat for further information. We look forward to your enquiry!

Marcus Cornthwaite