Derogation policy published for the FairWild Labelling Rules


24th May 2019 - The FairWild Foundation has today published the document "Derogation Policy for the FairWild Labelling Rules - Version 1/May 2019".

The document sets out the policy and procedure for obtaining a temporary authorisation for a partial non-application of the FairWild Labelling Rules. Such permissions will be granted in specific cases and under certain conditions.

The policy covers derogations in three circumstances:

  • Temporary Unavailability of FairWild Certified Ingredients (Section 5)

  • Blending FairWild Certified Ingredients with non-FairWild (Section 6)

  • Other Aspects of FairWild Labelling Rules (Section 7)

request form (word) is also published as Annex 1 to the derogation policy.

The policy is applicable with immediate effect but will not affect exceptional permissions already granted. A notification with further information is being sent to certification scheme members. Stakeholder feedback on the new policy is welcome.

The complete set of FairWild certification scheme documents can be found here.

Please contact the FairWild Secretariat for further information.

Marcus Cornthwaite