FairWild matchmaking project to help producers and buyers connect


The objective of the new FairWild Matchmaking initiative is to increase the business-use value of the FairWild certification scheme, and to make it easier for companies to engage with the system.

We have been creating a number of resources to help the FairWild certification scheme be more valuable for you. The key change introduced in 2018 is an update to the website. We have created a new Ingredients section, which aims to increase the user experience, and highlight/celebrate the various products that are currently certified, or have strong potential to become certified in the future.

If you are interested in sourcing FairWild ingredients, then this section is for you. It lists the producers of FairWild products by ingredient and includes the contact details of those who currently are and potentially could become certified producers if demand was sufficient.

Going forward, we aim to introduce other innovations such as displaying ‘expressions of interest’ from buyers on our website/in our newsletter. This will allow producers to better source demand for their FairWild products. We hope that publishing these two aspects of demand and supply will help businesses in engaging with the FairWild certification.

To that effect, if you are interested in sourcing any ingredients that are yet unlisted, or finding more companies that could potentially supply ingredients as FairWild, then please get in touch with us at secretariat@fairwild.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

Marcus Cornthwaite