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Interested in buying FairWild? Browse existing companies who are part of a scheme improving worker’s rights, protecting the future of wild plants, and committing to sustainable harvest and trade.


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Explore the 25 wild plant species that are already FairWild certified and connect with the producers supplying them. Search by species and product below, or browse the full list.

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potential ingredients

This list shows wild plant ingredients that are either soon to be certified or could become certified if demand increases. Get in touch with us for updates on the status of these species.

Search by common species name, or product type (e.g. “flower”, “root”, “leaf”)


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Current participants in the FairWild scheme are categorised by “Operator”, “Processor / trader”, and “Licensee”. Browse company profile pages for contact information and available certified ingredients. Or use the search bar below to search by species, product type, name, or location.

Search by common species name, or product type (e.g. “flower”, “root”, “leaf”)