In 2017, the FairWild Foundation established an Advisory Panel in order to provide strategic and technical guidance to the Board of Trustees. A group of selected expert collaborators with specific knowledge and skills have been invited to assist the FairWild Foundation with its development and programme implementation, and ensure that the Foundation's initiative remains true to its mission.

Advisory panel members' responsibilities include:

  • To provide input and support to FairWild organisational development.

  • To contribute to periodic review of the operation and evaluation of the FairWild Standard.

  • To advise on practical issues related to operation of the FairWild certification and licensing systems, including relationships to potentially complementary certification systems.

  • To provide guidance to supply development efforts – including practical advice on environmental management, and social and business development approaches.

  • To help prioritise and support initiatives aimed to increase market share of FairWild products.

Members of the Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is composed of eminent personalities from diverse backgrounds (private sector, civil society and others), and presently has the following members:


Nuning Barwa

Nuning Barwa is Corporate Social Responsibility Director at Martina Berto, an Indonesia-based manufacturing company engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and trading of cosmetic products, beauty care products and herbal medicines. Martina Berto's brands are marketed across Southeast Asia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Middle East.



Francis Blake studied agriculture and forestry at Oxford University, then farmed organically for ten years. He joined the Soil Association in 1986, first as certification director, then standards director, and was also president of IFOAM EU Group in that time. Semi-retired, Francis is now Chief Advisor to COSMOS-standard AISBL and is on the Board of IOAS. Besides organic farming, his other obsessions are bee-keeping, the mandolin and Ki aikido.


susan curtis

Susan Curtis has worked for the ethical natural health and beauty company Neal’s Yard Remedies since the 1980s. She is their Director of Natural Health, helping to champion awareness of natural and organic ingredients and products. Susan visits and has helped to develop projects with many of the suppliers that grow or collect the agricultural ingredients that make the essential oils, herbal remedies, etc. Wild harvested projects she has visited and helped develop include: frankincense (Kenya, Oman), rosehip (Serbia) and base oils from Nepal.


Lorena Jaramillo is UNCTAD's Economic Affairs Officer. She has been involved with BioTrade initiatives since 2001 at the international level with UNCTAD and in her home country, Ecuador, where she was the Director of the national BioTrade Programme. She has also worked at the Climate Change Training Programme (CC:Train) of UNITAR and conducted trainings in Africa and Asia. Lorena has over 19 years of experience in developing and implementing sustainable development projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. She has written several papers related to sustainable development, peacebuilding, climate change, value chain development and sustainable sourcing.


Jeremy Johnson is Senior Counsel at Traditional Medicinals, Inc. where he oversees the legal and regulatory department, including compliance with certification standards. Jeremy received his undergraduate degree from University of California, Irvine and his juris doctorate from Tulane University Law School.

Bianca von Keyserlingk

Bianca von Keyserlingk is currently head of online marketing and e-commerce at Primavera Life GmbH, Germany. Primavera is currently Germany’s largest aromatherapy company and essential oil provider in retail. She has previously worked for Essences Naturelles Corses, a natural ingredients and essential oil producer in Corsica, specialized in Mediterranean plants and extraction procedures.

Beat W. Kündig

Beat W. Kündig is the president of W. Kündig & Cie. Ltd (Kündig Group) – a production and trading company with head office in Zürich and production sites in Germany (processing and refining of dried herbs and vegetables) and Hungary (Cereals and frozen produce). He was a member of the SIPPO advisory board when the FairWild initiative was established, and was also one of the founding donors to the FairWild Foundation.

Sonia Lagos-Witte

Sonia Lagos-Witte holds a Master’s degree in Biology and a PhD. in Agriculture Sciences from the Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn, Germany. In 1984, she started a research project on medicinal plants at the National Autonomous University of Honduras UNAH. From 1994 until 2005 she led the Medicinal Plants Program TRAMIL Central America as Regional Coordinator. She is currently involved in several international projects with relation to Botany, Ethnobotany and conservation of Biodiversity. Among these are the Latin American Botanical Network RLB and the Latin American Ethno-botanical Group GELA. Sonia is Professor at UNAH, teaching on the PhD Program on Human Developmental Sciences and the Master Studies on Botany.

Wilson Lau

Wilson Lau is the Vice President of Nuherbs, an importer of organic and pharmacopeia grade Chinese herbs. As the third-generation member of this family business, he has been surrounded by herbs since infancy. His passion and respect for traditional Chinese medicine has led him to form enduring partnerships with farmers, wildcrafters, and processors who are committed to eco-friendly, sustainable practices in order to ensure the quality, safety, traceability, and longevity of Chinese herbs. Dedicated to the advancement of traditional Chinese medicine, Wilson is currently a member of the Board of the American Herbal Products Association and member of the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO/TC249 Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ákos Máthé

Ákos Máthé is Professor of Botany at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of West Hungary. His diverse research interests include development of cultivation methods for e.g. Lobelia inflata and Euphorbia lagascae; the study of plant growth characteristics and active principles, oil production; and in vitro multiplication of horticultural (ornamental) species. He has published widely in national and international journals, and is currently working on the monograph series "Medicinal Plants of the World", in 9 volumes, by Springer. Ákos serves as Coordinator for the ESCORENA medicinal plants network, and has previously acted as President for the International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ICMAP).

Florentine Meinshausen

Florentine Meinshausen has worked in certification and development of social and environmental standard systems for over 17 years. After managing certification of organic and other sustainability standards at a renowned international certification body, Florentine focused in recent years on Fair Trade, Ethical Trade and Social Responsibility standards. She has worked with all scales of production and trade, from small producers in developing countries to international corporations and brands. Florentine has written the first version of the FairWild Standard, and later assisted in the development of version 2.0. Florentine now lives with her family in Zurich and works as a freelance consultant.

Snehlata Nath

Snehlata Nath is a founder member and Director of Keystone Foundation – an NGO active in the field of conservation of natural resources, livelihood and enterprise development with indigenous communities. Established in 1993, Keystone has its field base in Kotagiri, Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu, which forms part of India’s Western Ghats. Snehlata’s areas of interest include conservation and development strategies for NTFPs in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, food security and nutrition amongst indigenous communities, and land rights issues. She manages Keystone’s Community Wellbeing and Networks portfolio, including a small grants facility across India. She is also a founder member of the NTFP Exchange Programme – Asia.

Alex Parker

Alex Parker is a marketing and brand building entrepreneur, currently running The Organic Spirits Co. He is passionate about brands and in particular the difference that fair, organic and sustainable supply can make both to taste and the environment. With prior experience in telecoms and as the owner of an agency providing marketing services to leading spirits brands, since 2000 Alex has been working with his father in a family-owned business to launch the world’s first Organic Spirit – Juniper Green Gin – including development of FairWild supply chains. The Organic Spirits Co. brands are sold in 30 countries around the world.

Sebastian Pole

Sebastian Pole (Lic OHM, Ayur HC, MAPA, MRCHM, MURHP) practices traditional herbal medicine and is co-founder of Pukka Herbs. He is passionate about the sustainable supply of organic herbs as well as working with communities to protect both their livelihoods and local ecosystems.


Tamara Ticktin

Tamara Ticktin is a professor of Botany at the University of Hawaiʿi at Mānoa. For the past 20 years, Tamara and her students have carried out collaborative research on the sustainable harvest and conservation of wild harvested plants from across the globe.