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Champions of sustainability for wild plant harvesting unite during first ever “FairWild Week”

Cambridge, UK, 21st August 2017–Today marks the launch of the first ever “FairWild Week” - a digital event celebrating the often-overlooked role played by wild plant ingredients in homes, communities and supply-chains across the globe.

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Wild about rose hips in Serbia – newly certified ingredients on sale!

Serbia - August 2017. This year has seen Plantamell – a family-owned herbal products business – successfully bring FairWild certified rose hip products to the market; the first such initiative in Serbia.

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New FairWild certification project brings sustainable and ethical baobab to the market

Tongan women with Baobab fruit, Adansonia digitata, for sale to B'Ayoba, Zimbabwe. © David Brazier / B'Ayoba.Zimbabwe, August 2017 - One of FairWild’s newest certification scheme entrants, B’Ayoba, is a natural ingredients company that supplies Baobab Adansonia digitata products, ethically and sustainably wild harvested in partnership with rural producer communities around Zimbabwe.

The company was established in 2012, and has a management team with extensive experience in sustainable sourcing, working with local communities and bringing innovative products to market.

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“FairWild Week” to champion sustainable wild plant harvesting

August 2017 - The FairWild Foundation will launch the first ever “FairWild Week” to champion the vital need to harvest wild plant ingredients sustainably. Taking place between 21–27th August, the event will be supported by our partners such as TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, and involve FairWild certification scheme participants including Pukka Herbs, Traditional Medicinals, Neal’s Yard Remedies, London and Scottish and Dr. Jackson’s.

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New accreditation system and auditor training programme for the FairWild Standard

Switzerland, June 2017 – This year has seen a further development for the FairWild certification scheme, with the formal launch of the FairWild accreditation and auditor training programme.

Elisabeth Ruëgg, Accreditation Coordinator, introduces the FairWild programme at BioFach 2017. © TRAFFICSelected control bodies (CBs) have been invited to apply in 2016, and from beginning of 2017 the scheme has been open to all interested applicants in a Phase 1 of the accreditation programme.

The introduction of the accreditation programme marks a transition from the previous model, whereby audit and certification services have been solely provided by the Institute for Marketecology (IMOswissAG) and their partner control bodies. IMOswissAG is a Swiss-based CB which has substantially contributed to the certification scheme development in the early years of the FairWild initiative, and continues to offer FairWild audit and certification services for wild collection operations worldwide.

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