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FairWild en español! FairWild video in Spanish released today

17 August 2018

This month, thanks to an initiative from Organic Herb Trading Company (OHTC), FairWild Foundation has released the FairWild movie in Spanish. Watch it here:

FairWild en español!

Este mes, gracias a una iniciativa de Organic Herb Trading Company (OHTC), FairWild Foundation lanza la película FairWild en español. 

La creciente demanda de plantas silvestres (como ingredientes en productos de alimentación, cosméticos, de bienestar y de medicamento) plantea importantes desafíos ecológicos y sociales. La presión sobre las especies de plantas potencialmente vulnerables puede poner en peligro los ecosistemas locales y los medios de vida de los recolectores, quienes muchas veces pertenecen a los grupos sociales más pobres de los países de origen.

Como respuesta a estas inquietudes, FairWild Foundation está trabajando con socios de todo el mundo para implementar el estándar y esquema de certificación FairWild para mejorar la conservación, la gestión y el uso sostenible de plantas silvestres en el comercio, así como los medios de subsistencia de los recolectores rurales involucrados en la recolección. Haga clic para acceder al Estándar FairWild y sus Indicadores de Rendimiento en español.

La certificación FairWild se implementa en 10 países, incluyéndose España, donde se cosecha raíz de regaliz silvestre para su uso en infusiones de hierbas. ¡Aprenda más sobre FairWild y únase a nosotros!


FairWild in Spanish!

The increasing demand for wild plants – as ingredients for food, cosmetics, well-being and medicinal products – poses major ecological and social challenges. The pressure on potentially vulnerable plant species can endanger local ecosystems and the livelihoods of collectors, who often belong to the poorest social groups in the countries of origin.

As a response to these concerns, the FairWild Foundation is working with partners worldwide to implement the FairWild Standard and certification scheme to improve the conservation, management and sustainable use of wild plants in trade, as well as the livelihoods of rural harvesters involved in collection. Click to access the FairWild Standard and its Performance Indicators in Spanish.

The FairWild certification is implemented in 10 countries, including in Spain, where wild liquorice root is harvested, for further use in herbal teas, and in El Salvador for cosmetic ingredient Peru Balsam. Learn more about FairWild and join us!




Wild botanicals in products you consume: FairWild Week highlights trends, threats and opportunities

Cambridge, UK, 6th July 2018—last week the spotlight firmly shone on the often unspoken role of wild plants in our everyday lives.

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Enhancing Practical Skills for Sustainable Trade in Wild Plants in Guangxi

Wild plant collectors walk through fields in Chongzuo © TRAFFIC/Zhi Zheng

Chongzuo, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, 21st–22nd May, 2018—TRAFFIC, together with its local partners, organised a Community Training Workshop on Sustainable Wild-Harvesting of Gynostemma pentaphyllum and Dendranthema indicumin in Longdeng Village, Chongzuo, in southwest of Guangxi province which borders Viet Nam.

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Meet the hidden wild plants in your daily routines

It’s time to stand up for the wild plants in our daily lives #FairWildWeek is this year celebrated from 25th June to 1st July 2018

In a world dominated by technology, sprawling cities and the latest gadgetry, it often feels as though our connection to the wild has all but disappeared. But perhaps not as much as we might fear …

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Job opportunity: work for FairWild in the summer - matchmaking between businesses for sustainability

FairWild Foundation is looking for an enthusiastic and proactive person for a summer consultancy in which they would run their own ‘matchmaking’ project. This position would be ideal for a student or recent graduate.

The aim of this project is to help us expand our certification scheme to more businesses and deliver conservation and social benefits during commercial collection of wild plants and fungi. It will focus on helping companies – those selling tea, cosmetics or foods and wishing to make their supply of wild products more sustainable – to find the products they need.

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