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Derogation policy published for the FairWild Labelling Rules

24th May 2019 - The FairWild Foundation has today published the document "Derogation Policy for the FairWild Labelling Rules - Version 1/May 2019" (PDF).

The document sets out the policy and procedure for obtaining a temporary authorization for a partial non-application of the FairWild Labelling Rules. Such permissions will be granted in specific cases and under certain conditions.

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Wild plant experts and stakeholders meet at FairWild Forum 2019 in Budapest, Hungary

May 2019–Last month saw 20 people from a variety of different backgrounds gather in Budapest, Hungary, for the first “FairWild Forum”. The training, networking, and professional development event was focused on the implementation and verification of sustainable wild collection according to principles of the FairWild Standard.

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FairWild Foundation publishes FairWild Standard Revision and Development Procedure

16th April 2019 - The FairWild Foundation has today published a new policy document “FairWild Standard Revision and Development Procedure (Version 1/2019).”

The document describes the process by which the FairWild Standard – an internationally recognized set of principles, criteria and indicators for verifying the sustainable and equitable trade in wild harvested ingredients – will be periodically reviewed and revised.

The procedures will also apply to any other sustainability standards the FairWild Foundation may develop in the future.

The Revision and Development Procedure document has been developed in respect of principles of good practice in the setting of multi-stakeholder sustainability standards, as defined by the ISEAL Alliance. FairWild Foundation is a subscriber to ISEAL.

Danna Leaman, member of the FairWild Board of Trustees, said:

"The FairWild Foundation is dedicated to making the FairWild Standard accessible, efficient to implement and effective in achieving our social and environmental goals. We are committed to learning from our experience and from that of our stakeholders.”

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FairWild looks to a sustainable future at Biofach 2019

Nuremburg, Germany, 13–16th February 2019—The FairWild Foundation once again exhibited at BioFach, the world’s largest organic trade fair, helping to spread awareness and uptake of the FairWild Standard. Together with partners we worked to raise awareness of sustainable harvesting issues and to facilitate connections between companies participating in the FairWild certification scheme.

BioFach is a key annual event for all those involved in the trade of organic and wild plant ingredients. In 2019 51,500 visitors came to the fair, where FairWild Foundation was among the 3,273 exhibitors from a total of 98 different countries. FairWild again exhibited at the “Organic Africa Pavilion”, which provided a meeting point for stakeholders engaged with the sustainable trade of wild plant ingredients. Producers, manufacturers, traders, brokers, NGOs, standard-setters, and certifiers from the world over visited the stand to learn more about the FairWild Standard and third-party audited certification scheme.

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FairWild Forum 2019

UPDATE - Please contact the FairWild Secretariat directly ( to enquire about available places for late registrations.

January 2019 - This year the FairWild Foundation will organise the first “FairWild Forum” – an international training, networking and professional development event focused on the verification of sustainable wild collection according to principles of the FairWild Standard.

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