FairWild Foundation establishes new Advisory Panel


Zurich, July 2018 – The FairWild Foundation has recently established an Advisory Panel – a platform created to provide an additional source of strategic and technical guidance to the FairWild Board of Trustees.

A group of selected expert collaborators with specific knowledge and skills have been invited to join the Panel. The members will assist the FairWild Foundation with its development and programme implementation, and to ensure that the Foundation's initiative remains true to its mission.

Advisory panel members' responsibilities include:

  • To provide input and support to FairWild organisational development.

  • To contribute to periodic review of the operation and evaluation of the FairWild Standard.

  • To advise on practical issues related to operation of the FairWild certification and licensing systems, including relationships to potentially complementary certification systems.

  • To provide guidance to supply development efforts – including practical advice on environmental management, and social and business development approaches.

  • To help prioritise and support initiatives aimed to increase market share of FairWild products.

The Advisory Panel is composed of wide range of eminent personalities from a diverse set of backgrounds - bringing together expertise from the private sector, civil society and beyond.

Franziska Staubli, Chair of the FairWild Board of Trustees, said, “The Advisory Panel is a new initiative to expand the pool of expertise available to the Foundation. It was very encouraging that the invited participants were enthusiastic about joining the Panel, and we are really appreciative of their willingness to give up their valuable time in support of a worthwhile cause.”

Said Florentine Meinshausen, a sustainability standards expert and member of the new Advisory Panel, “The FairWild initiative is one that I have been engaged with for some time. I am highly supportive of the aims of the FairWild Foundation, and look forward to contributing to the organisation’s work through future projects involving the Advisory Panel members.

Learn more about the Advisory Panel and the current membership on our webpage here.

Marcus Cornthwaite