Common Name: Myrrh (Bisabol myrrh / sweet myrrh / opopanax / gum hagar / Hirabol myrrh / Myrrh gum resin)

Plant Parts used: Resin

Scientific Name: Commiphora erythrae / Commiphora holtziana / Commiphora myrrha

Pharmacopoeial Name: Myrrha (exudate of stem and branches)

Operator Contact Details

The companies below are FairWild certified producers of Myrrh, or could become FairWild certified if demand was sufficient.

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Certified Producers:

Company Name: Neo Botanika
Certification Status: Application in progress
Contact Name: Dr Moktar Osman Guelleh
Location: Isha Borame Road, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Company Name: Arbor Oils of Africa
Certification Status: This company was certified in the past and open to renewal
Contact Name: Hilary Somerlatte
Location: P.O. Box 24, Naro Moru 10105, Kenya