Common Name: EU: Nettle leaf USA: Stinging nettle leaf

Plant Parts used: Leaves and Roots

Scientific Name: Urtica dioica

Pharmacopoeial Name: Urticae folium (leaf) / Urticae radix (root)

Operator Contact Details

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Certified Producers:

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Potential/in-progress Producers:

Company Name: Azia Gold t.o.o.
Certification Status: Certified operator, they could add this ingredient to their certification
Contact Name: Mr. Aleksey Korzhikov
Location: Rayimbek batyra st., 2, 489230 Sarkand, Kazakhstan

Company Name: Martin Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (distributor for certified operator) - Bulgaria
Certification Status: Certified
Contact Name: Mr. Markus Wehr
Location: Dutendorfer Straße 5-7 , 91487 Vestenbergsgreuth, Germany
Country: Georgia

Company Name: Plantamell
Certification Status: Certified
Contact Name: Ljubiša Savic
Location: Ljubovacka 5, 18360 Svrljig, Serbia
Country: Serbia