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Organisational Structure of FairWild Foundation


The Board of Trustees is the overall governing body of the Foundation, responsible for ensuring that it fulfils (1) the institutional aim stated in the public registration of FairWild Foundation under Swiss Law on 16 May 2008, and (2) the mandate established under the ISSC-MAP Founding Institutions Agreement and ISSC-MAP/FairWild Resolution.

Information on governance processes can be found in the “Governance of the FairWild Foundation” document, adopted by the Board of Trustees on 15 February 2010. This governance framework defines the structure for the development and management of FairWild Foundation.

The FairWild Executive Board is the executive arm of the Board of Trustees, providing direction to the ongoing work of the Foundation, its Committees and its Secretariat. The FairWild Executive Board is responsible for developing the ToR for FairWild’s Technical, Marketing and Licensing Committees, and for approving the work plans of these Committees. The three Committees support the work of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board, in order to jointly develop and manage the implementation of the FairWild Standard and related activities.



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