Organisational Structure of FairWild Foundation


The Board of Trustees is the overall governing body of the Foundation, responsible for ensuring that it fulfils (1) the institutional aim stated in the public registration of FairWild Foundation under Swiss Law on 16 May 2008, and (2) the mandate established under the ISSC-MAP Founding Institutions Agreement and ISSC-MAP/FairWild Resolution.

Information on governance processes can be found in the “Governance of the FairWild Foundation” document, originally adopted by the Board of Trustees on 15 February 2010 and revised on 7 June 2018.

This governance framework is designed to define structure for the development and management of the FairWild Foundation during a stage of development during which an Executive Officer, employed and managed by TRAFFIC under the basis of a partnership agreement, provides support to and manages day-to-day business of the FairWild Foundation, pending the possible establishment of an executive team employed within the FairWild Foundation in future.

The revised governance document also incorporates the terms of reference for the FairWild advisory panel, established by the FairWild Foundation in 2017 to provide an additional source of strategic and technical guidance to the Board of Trustees.

The document is made up of the following sections:

Rules for the organisation of the FairWild Board of Trustees
Terms of reference for the FairWild Executive Officer
Terms of reference for the FairWild Advisory Panel




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