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FairWild Standard

Juvenal Pereira/WWF Brazil (Cumaru, Brazilian Amazon)Background

Accountability and fair trade are becoming increasingly important criteria in the global market place. Several product certification and labelling schemes currently exist, but are generally not appropriate for wild plant products.

The FairWild Foundation therefore developed a Standard to meet this need. The FairWild Standard assesses the harvest and trade of wild plants against various ecological, social and economic requirements. Use of the FairWild Standard helps support efforts to ensure plants are managed, harvested and traded in a way that maintains populations in the wild and benefits rural producers.

The current FairWild Standard (version 2.0) was developed through a combination of an original FairWild Standard with the International Standard for Sustainable Wild Collection (ISSC-MAP) developed, see History.

The FairWild Standard can be implemented in a variety of different ways. See the following pages, or download an information sheet (PDF, 200 KB).

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