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Factors influencing risk of unsustainable wild collectionRisk Classification

Every species responds differently to the pressures of wild collection. For some species, the risk of unsustainable wild collection may be relatively low. Therefore, the tasks associated with wild-collection management may require less rigorous methods.

Species for which the risk of unsustainable wild collection is high will require collection operations, collectors and resource managers to use more rigorous methods in order to demonstrate and verify that collection volumes and practices are indeed sustainable.

An additional set of performance indicators is applied to any species considered to be at “high risk” of unsustainable wild collection.

Many factors contribute to the risk of unsustainable wild collection of target species. Some of these factors and their influence on risk of unsustainable wild collection are outlined in the FairWild Standard Performance Indicators (Table 2, p. 4), where the additional requirements for "high risk" species are also given (p.24).

For details on how risk classification is determined by FairWild Foundation and partners under the certification scheme, see Certification Process and download the Risk analysis explanatory notes (PDF).


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