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KCNC pays FairWild Standard project site in Viet Nam a visit

The KCNC delegation during their recent visit to a TRAFFIC community-based wild plant harvesting project in Viet Nam © TRAFFICViet Nam, December 2013—A 16-person delegation from Japan’s Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation (KCNC) have undertaken a field visit to a community-based project in northern Viet Nam, to see for themselves how local people are directly benefitting from the application of the FairWild principles of sustainable harvesting and equitable trade to wild plant harvesting.

Each year KCNC arranges a visit for representatives from Japanese donor corporations to selected project sites in Asia, to enable participants to gain a better understanding of how their generosity is supporting on-the-ground conservation initiatives.

“It happens that most of our previous missions visited projects which focused primarily on protecting nature, for example through conservation of rare species and restoration of species habitats”, said Mr Kuniyasu Matsumoto, the Deputy Executive Director of KCNC.

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Any collectors left? Experts examine social sustainability of wild plant harvesting in Central Europe

Zora Dajic Stefanovic, Chair of AMAPSEEC, speaking on the trade in medicinal plants in South-East Europe © Kristina RodinaBudapest, Hungary, October 2013—“Traditional and wild” project partners met earlier this month in Budapest to discuss the future of wild medicinal plant collection in Central Europe. The FairWild Standard has been used as the framework for the sustainability principles guiding the project.

Participants of the workshop included the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Ministry of Rural Development in Hungary, the Association of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of South East European Countries (AMAPSEEC), TRAFFIC and WWF Hungary, and other project partners of “Traditional and wild”.

The Central European “Traditional and wild ”project was instigated in part to preserve the traditional knowledge on wild plant collection in Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland that is being lost because the flow of information from generation to generation has been disrupted through reasons including the weak economic incentives of collection and increasing urbanization of society.

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FairWild Standard for sustainable use of wild medicinal plants highlighted at traditional Chinese medicine Congress

World Congress of Chinese Medicine delegates who met earlier this month in the USASanta Clara, California, USA, October 2013—More than 1,000 scholars, experts and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) met last month in Santa Clara at the 10th World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM) and the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS).

Themed with “Co-operation between Eastern and Western Medicine, better health services for people around the world”, WCCM 2013 celebrated the global growth and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), participants exchanged experiences in medicine development, including the latest updates in relevant legislation, education, clinical practice and research.

The FairWild Standard was highlighted during the event as part of a dedicated session on sustainable sourcing and fair trade in TCM wild plant ingredients.

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Engaging the private sector in sustainable management of medicinal plants in China

Participants at a meeting to begin implementation of a project engaging the private sector in sustainable management of medicinal plants Sun Ping/Wecome Pharmaceutical Ltd.Beijing, China, 23 August 2013—How can companies trading in and manufacturing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products in China become more sustainable in their management of medicinal plants supply chains? What are the current harvesting and trade practices in the TCM industry in China? How can the FairWild Standard support the shift towards sustainability in harvesting and trade?  

These were some of the questions discussed at a workshop held earlier this month in Beijing that brought together TRAFFIC, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), Wecome Pharmaceutical Ltd and the WWF China Programme Office.

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Consumer campaign marketing FairWild product wins sustainability award

At the awards ceremony (l to r): Tim Westwell (Pukka Herbs), Diane Rogers (WWF-UK), Kat North & Alison Wilde (Pukka Herbs) and Anastasia Timoshyna (TRAFFIC / FairWild)London, UK, 11th July 2013—A consumer campaign promoting the first product with FairWild-certified ingredients on the UK market, Pukka Herbs’ peppermint and licorice tea, has won the inaugural 2degrees Sustainability Champions Awards.

Pukka Herbs picked up the External Communications category award for their “Create a Beautiful World” campaign launched almost 12 months ago, in recognition of their dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices.

The campaign beat off stiff competition and won the award for work carried out jointly with WWF UK and the FairWild Foundation to raise funds and awareness for conservation projects around the globe.

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