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FairWild Foundation publishes revisions to Labelling Rules and License Fee Charges

A alternative version of the FairWild Design Mark in circle format is provided in the FairWild Labelling Rules version 3.1Zurich, September 2016 - FairWild Foundation has today published an update to the FairWild Labelling Rules (version 3.1/2016), and revisions to the FairWild License Fee schedule (FairWild Trading Rules Annex 4, version 1st September 2016).

The revisions were carried out following feedback from certification scheme participants on the labelling rules, and a review of the license fee structure initiated by FairWild Foundation in 2015.

The updated FairWild Labelling Rules introduce a new version of the FairWild design mark in an alternative round format, which can be used in product packaging where a 1:1 ratio is desired. For Licensees that wish to use the existing oval format, no changes are required.

The Labelling Rules also allow the FairWild mark to be used as a white outline on a single colour dark background, including glass etching.

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FairWild® meets industry 2016 – stakeholder workshops held in California, USA and Cambridge, UK

Participants of the FairWild US industry meeting held in Sebastopol, California, USA. © Traditional Medicinals Inc.September 2016 – Following a tradition of FairWild industry stakeholder meetings held in the UK the past two years, last month saw the first such workshop to be held in California, USA.

The meeting, held on 1st August 2016, complemented an event for European stakeholders who met in June alongside the FairWild annual Board of Trustees meeting. The workshops were carried out with financial support from IUCN-US, and other Friends of FairWild.

US Industry meeting, 1st August 2016

Co-organised and hosted by FairWild Licensee Traditional Medicinals Inc. (TMI), the US stakeholder meeting saw a group of around 25 participants gather to discuss FairWild and experiences with sustainable sourcing. Those present included TMI employees and representatives of other herbal medicinal ingredients and products companies, and industry consultants, as well as standard-setting organisations.

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Teaching the teachers—learning how to train local harvesters in Viet Nam

Bac Kan, Viet Nam, August 2016 — Earlier this month the FairWild Standard featured in a “Training of Trainers” (ToT) workshop held in northern Viet Nam, organised by TRAFFIC in collaboration with experts from the Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Bac Kan Forest Protection Department (FPD). The workshop was part of a programme to train local harvesters and communal resource management board members in four key sites in Bac Kan province.  

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FairWild industry workshop - Cambridge, UK, June 15th

Cambridge, UK - June 2016. The increasing demand for wild plants – as ingredients for food, cosmetics, well-being and medicinal products – poses major ecological and social challenges. The pressure on potentially vulnerable plant species can endanger local ecosystems and the livelihoods of collectors, who often belong to the poorest social groups in the counties of origin.

As a response to these concerns, the FairWild Foundation promotes the FairWild Standard and certification system for the sustainable management and collection of wild plants, fungi and lichen. The FairWild certification system is under implementation worldwide.

On Wednesday 15th June, we are holding a focused workshop with industry stakeholders on the FairWild Standard and certification scheme. Held in connection with the annual FairWild Board of Trustees meeting, the event is an opportunity for engaged companies to learn the latest FairWild news, exchange experience on sustainable sourcing, and work with us on the further development of FairWild initiative.

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FairWild partnerships grow through global hub for nature conservation

Sir David Attenborough at the opening of the Cambridge Consevation Campus - the new home of the FairWild Secretariat © CCICambridge, UK - April 2016. This week was all about collaboration for conservation, as a new global conservation hub in Cambridge, UK, was formally opened on 6th April. Located in the David Attenborough Building, the new campus acts as a centre for the Cambridge conservation 'cluster' - the largest grouping of nature conservation organisations and university researchers in the world.

The campus was officially opened by Sir David Attenborough, after whom the building housing the campus has been named. Sir David has links with many of the organisations based in the campus and is a graduate of the University of Cambridge. In preparation for the opening event, Sir David gained a unique ‘plant’s-eye-view’ of this special building a few weeks ago, abseiling down the 13 metre high living wall in the central atrium.

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