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FairWild matchmaking project to help producers and buyers connect

November 2018

The objective of the new FairWild Matchmaking initiative is to increase the business-use value of the FairWild certification scheme, and to make it easier for companies to engage with the system.

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Project LENA awarded German sustainability award

Kirsten Palme, TRAFFIC's LENA Project Manager, accepts the sustainability award at the ceremony in Berlin © Ullrich Wessollek / RENN.mitteBerlin, Germany, 12th September 2018—The international Interreg DTP project "LENA” (Local Economy and Nature Conservation in the Danube Region) and its activities towards the sustainble rural development  of protected areas have been awarded with the German sustainability award for projects: ”Projekt Nachhaltigkeit 2018” by the Regional Network Units Sustainability Strategies (RENN).

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Meet the collectors: FairWild liqourice in Spain

August 2018

Liquorice is most commonly known for its flavour in sweet treats, but has also been used in traditional medicine around the world. Historically, dried sticks of liquorice were a popular indulgence, especially in the Netherlands. Since then, liquorice use has become commonplace in the world of confectionery and in herbal teas. The active ingredient found in the liquorice root can be up to 50 times as sweet as white sugar.

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FairWild en español! FairWild video in Spanish released today

17 August 2018

This month, thanks to an initiative from Organic Herb Trading Company (OHTC), FairWild Foundation has released the FairWild movie in Spanish. Watch it here:


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FairWild Foundation establishes new Advisory Panel

Zurich, July 2018 – The FairWild Foundation has recently established an Advisory Panel – a platform created to provide an additional source of strategic and technical guidance to the FairWild Board of Trustees.

A group of selected expert collaborators with specific knowledge and skills have been invited to join the Panel. The members will assist the FairWild Foundation with its development and programme implementation, and to ensure that the Foundation's initiative remains true to its mission.

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