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FairWild Foundation publishes revisions to Labelling Rules and License Fee Charges

A alternative version of the FairWild Design Mark in circle format is provided in the FairWild Labelling Rules version 3.1Zurich, September 2016 - FairWild Foundation has today published an update to the FairWild Labelling Rules (version 3.1/2016), and revisions to the FairWild License Fee schedule (FairWild Trading Rules Annex 4, version 1st September 2016).

The revisions were carried out following feedback from certification scheme participants on the labelling rules, and a review of the license fee structure initiated by FairWild Foundation in 2015.

The updated FairWild Labelling Rules introduce a new version of the FairWild design mark in an alternative round format, which can be used in product packaging where a 1:1 ratio is desired. For Licensees that wish to use the existing oval format, no changes are required.

The Labelling Rules also allow the FairWild mark to be used as a white outline on a single colour dark background, including glass etching.

The revisions to the license fee schedule are made to create a simplified fee structure which can readily be applied to products in the many different sectors in which wild ingredients are used. The new charging structure is applied based on total FairWild product turnover, and is no longer adjusted based on the percentage of FairWild-certified ingredient in the product.

An overview of the changes in detail is provided by the notification for Licensees (PDF).

The new documents are available for download from http://www.fairwild.org/certification-documents/

Feedback, questions and clarifications are welcomed, and should be directed to secretariat@fairwild.org.