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FairWild industry workshop - Cambridge, UK, June 15th

Cambridge, UK - June 2016. The increasing demand for wild plants – as ingredients for food, cosmetics, well-being and medicinal products – poses major ecological and social challenges. The pressure on potentially vulnerable plant species can endanger local ecosystems and the livelihoods of collectors, who often belong to the poorest social groups in the counties of origin.

As a response to these concerns, the FairWild Foundation promotes the FairWild Standard and certification system for the sustainable management and collection of wild plants, fungi and lichen. The FairWild certification system is under implementation worldwide.

On Wednesday 15th June, we are holding a focused workshop with industry stakeholders on the FairWild Standard and certification scheme. Held in connection with the annual FairWild Board of Trustees meeting, the event is an opportunity for engaged companies to learn the latest FairWild news, exchange experience on sustainable sourcing, and work with us on the further development of FairWild initiative.

The workshop is targeted to current participants of the FairWild certification scheme, and companies committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing that wish to learn more. The event is hosted by TRAFFIC, partner of the FairWild Foundation (www.traffic.org), at the David Attenborough Building, Cambridge, UK.

Several places are still remaining at the workshop - please contact the FairWild Secretariat for information on how to attend.