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Dr. Rainer Bächi (1948-2010)

Dr. Rainer Bächi (1948-2010)In Memoriam

Founder & Director of IMO

Founding Member of FairWild Foundation

Died in a car accident in Tiflis, Georgia – 10 June 2010

It is with great sadness that we announce the tragic death of a great inspirational leader and contributor to organic and biodiversity work worldwide.

Within the FairWild Foundation, Dr. Bächi was at the core of developing the FairWild Standard for sustainable wild-collection of natural ingredients. With his profound knowledge of the social and ecological context regarding the sustainable use of natural resources, he particularly contributed to the merging of the initially separate ISSC-MAP and FairWild parts into one Standard. He was also instrumental in translating the FairWild Standard into practical field application, a work that had just begun.

Much more, with his determined personality and drive, coupled with charisma, Dr. Bächi was a key professional and visionary leader in our Foundation, who will be dearly missed. This drive also brought him to Georgia for FairWild certification; sadly enough, Dr. Bächi died on his way back home, on the way to the airport.

Our thoughts are with Dr. Bächi’s family, friends and close colleagues; we will keep Rainer’s inspiration and legacy alive in our work…

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