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FairWild at Mumbai Biofach

TRAFFIC India will be representing FairWild in the upcoming BioFach in Mumbai, India, from 18-20 November 2009.

BioFach is the World Organic Trade Fair.

TRAFFIC will be showcasing the ISSC-MAP project being implemented in India in the States of Uttarakhand & Karnataka.

TRAFFIC India is taking a delegation comprising of medicinal plant experts, local partner NGOs, State Government representatives and harvesters/collectors from the field (local community).

The BioFach will provide an oppurtunity to the participants to interact with a global audience and a larger community involved at various levels in the medicinal plant sector.

This will also help in widening their vision and scope of work and share their experience within their region for conservation of medicinal plants.

This excersize will help in building strong linkages for promotion of ISSC-MAP/FairWild vision within the region that  has varied diversity and richness of medicinal plants.

TRAFFIC's project implementing the ISSC-MAP in India is sponsored by Hamburger Stiftung Asien-Brücke