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Authorised use of the FAIRWILD® word mark and/or design mark

The term FAIRWILD® is a legally registered trademark. The use of the FAIRWILD® word mark and/or design mark as well as other references to the FairWild quality of products are regulated in the FairWild Labelling Rules (PDF). The FAIRWILD® word mark and/or design mark can be used on wholesale and retail packaging and for promotional purposes, subject to a License Agreement with the FairWild Foundation.

Artwork and product packaging using the FAIRWILD® word mark and/or design mark, or making claims about FairWild certified status of the ingredients, should be sent for review and approval by the FairWild Foundation prior to print (allow 10 working days).

Licensees must declare their sales of products containing FairWild-certified ingredients by submitting a turnover declaration form. This is carried out annually, in January. A license fee is calculated by the FairWild Foundation based on the turnover declaration.

Derogations from the Labelling Rules must be agreed with FairWild Foundation on a case-by-case basis.

Product labelling

There are two categories of FairWild Labelling with different on-product claims, each indicating the content of FairWild certified ingredients in the final product.

I. Certified FairWild Product. Such products contain a substantial amount, at least 20% by dry weight, of FairWild certified ingredients (adapted minimum content rules apply for beauty products).

  • The FAIRWILD® design mark can be used in a prominent position and on Principle Display Panel (PDP).
  • The word mark FAIRWILD® may be part of the product name.

II. Product made with FairWild ingredients. Such products contain little or a smaller percentage (less than 20%) of FairWild certified ingredients.

  • The use of the FAIRWILD® design mark is only permitted on the side panel or back panel of the product.

Non-botanical ingredients (e.g. water, salt) are excluded from the calculation, which is based by weight on the final product.

Design mark

The FairWild® design mark is available in oval and round formats.The FAIRWILD® design mark is available in two formats: an oval version (issued 1st July 2014), and a circle version (issued 1st September 2016).

The latter may be used as an optional variation for product labelling and marketing where a 1:1 format is preferred.

A third format (elongated oval) has been superceded, and should not be used in labelling.

Word mark

Allowed uses of the FAIRWILD® word mark (PDF) vary according to the international class and geographical scope in which it is registered:

  • When using the word mark in a country where it is registered, for a registered class of goods, use of registration symbol ® is required: FairWild®
  • When using the word mark in a country where it is not yet registered, or in a country where it is registered but for a class of goods other than those concerned, use of the trademark symbol ™ is required: FairWild™

Companies wishing to use the FAIRWILD® word mark and/or design mark in product labelling and marketing must register as a FairWild Licensee, according to the FairWild Trading Rules.

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