In Memory

We would like to remember two of our founding trustees and original donors to the FairWild Foundation who are sadly no longer with us.

Both Klaus Dürbeck and Rainer Bächi passed away while acting as Trustees of the Foundation. They are very much missed by their colleagues at FairWild, by their families and their many friends and colleagues world-wide.

Klaus Dürbeck (d. 16 December 2016) was the Chief Executive of Klaus Dürbeck Consulting, an information centre and consulting agency providing services for natural products industries worldwide. Committed to supporting the needs of entrepreneurs in developing countries, within the wider vision of local industrial processing of non-timber forest products (NTFPs), the organisation offers comprehensive information and technical support thanks to its network of senior experts with diverse global experience. Klaus worked for UNIDO´s Industrial Utilization of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Programme; advised manufacturers of herbal products; was a Senior Consultant of the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) and formerly served as Chairman of Forum Essenzia e.V.

Klaus was Chair of FairWild’s Board of Trustees from founding in 2008, until December 2016. Please see the obituary notice here.

Dr. Rainer Bächi (d. 10 June 2010) was the Founder and Director of the Institute for Marketecology (IMO), an internationally renowned control body specialising in certification of organic and fair-trade standards. He was an inspirational leader and contributor to organic and biodiversity conservation work worldwide. Within the FairWild Foundation, Rainer was at the core of developing the FairWild Standard for sustainable wild-collection of natural ingredients. With his profound knowledge of the social and ecological context regarding the sustainable use of natural resources, he particularly contributed to the merging of the initially separate ISSC-MAP and FairWild parts into one Standard, as well as driving the innovation behind setting up the FairWild certification system.

Rainer joined FairWild’s Board of Trustees in 2008, and served until his death in June 2010. Please see the obituary notice here.