Chain of Custody

A model chain of custody for FairWildValue chains for wild products are often complex, involving a number of different actors and processing steps.

Full details of the chain of custody for certified ingredients and requirements for the different entities involved are included in the FairWild Trading Rules (PDF).

Under the FairWild system, a definition of three different types of operator (company) is made. Depending on the company’s activities, it may be classed in multiple categories at the same time.

  • FairWild Certified Collection Operations: wild collection operations certified according to the FairWild Standard. For more information, see Certification Process.
  • Registered Processors and Traders: wholesalers, ingredient distributors and intermediate processors of FairWild ingredients or semi-finished products. For more information, see Buyers of Certified Ingredients.
  • Registered Licensees: finished product brand holders, i.e. the companies responsible for the labelling and marketing of the final packaged product with use of the FAIRWILD® word or design mark (or other prominent reference to the FairWild Standard). For more information, see Labelling.

Collection Operations will establish a certification contract directly with the FairWild-approved control body. Traders, Processors and Licensees must register with the FairWild Foundation, for which a fee schedule is applicable. All products sold must be declared annually.


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