Certified Products

FairWild-certified ingredientsHarvesting liquorice root in Georgia © Martin Bauer Group

Under the FairWild certification system, a wide range of different plant species have been certified and ingredients are already available on the market. Certified operators are based in countries ranging across Europe and Asia, with a number of other projects in development.

Ingredients include those from species in high demand such as liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza spp.), elderflower (Sambucus nigra), linden flower (Tilia spp.), as well as those important in traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda (Terminalia spp.). 

For full details of currently certified operators and ingredients please download the list of FairWild-certified species and products (PDF). Certified operators and Registered Traders/Processors of ingredients may also be contacted directly to enquire about other FairWild-certified ingredients that may become available in the future.

Finished products with FairWild ingredients

You can now make sustainable wild collection part of your daily life through choosing FairWild products. When you choose FairWild, you are supporting nature protection and sustainable resource management, and ensuring producers get a fair price and support to invest in community projects.

FairWild products are available to buy on the high street and online. In 2009, Traditional Medicinals Inc. (USA) became the first company in the world with FairWild® certified finished products, with FairWild liquorice root from Kazakhstan featuring as a component in some of their top-selling products. Traditional Medicinals now have ten products with FairWild labelling.

Pukka Herbs Ltd. (UK) have also been closely following the development of FairWild, and in 2012 launched the first FairWild-certified tea in the United Kingdom: Peppermint and Licorice tea. Its launch was inspired by the selection of licorice as “Medicinal Plant of the Year 2012”, to raise awareness of the plight of licorice being unsustainably harvested from the wild. Pukka Herbs are now using FairWild ingredients across their teas, such as liquorice root and elderflower.

A number of other manufacturing companies are now becoming involved with the FairWild system, with products on offer by Neal’s Yard Remedies (Organic refreshing tea, containing FairWild certified liquorice, and Frankincense IntenseTM and other products containing FairWild-certified frankincense resins), London & Scottish (Juniper Green Gin) and other products under development. Check the list of FairWild licensees regularly for updates.