Certification process



Step 6. Continuation of certification


The FairWild certificate is usually valid for 15 months from the time of issuance of the certificate. However, audits are required annually, based on harvest times (i.e. before expiry of the current certificate).  By beginning of the year after first certification, the certified company or its mandator receives an offer for audit and continued certification by the CB.  

If additional plants or collection sites will be included within the scope of FairWild certification, the company should inform the CB well in advance of the audit. The application form (Word) listing the additional targeted species must be submitted to the FairWild Foundation along with payment for review and risk analysis.

Additional minimum requirements will become applicable in Years 2 and 3 of the scheme, and performance must also increase year-on-year over the five year period.

If the company chooses to cancel the certification contract, relevant procedures can be found in FairWild Standard Operational Procedures: Audit and Certification (PDF).


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