Buyers of certified ingredients  

Requirements for buyers of FairWild ingredients/products are covered in theCommon Juniper Juniperus communis © P.Radacsi/Corvinus FairWild Trading Rules (PDF). These include requirements for the trading, processing and marketing of FairWild certified raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in retail packages.

The FairWild Trading Rules are based on the general principle that FairWild certified products require physical traceability and separation of FairWild ingredients throughout the whole supply chain until blended in the finished product.

Registration with the FairWild Foundation is required for all companies who:

  • purchase and sell certified FairWild products/ingredients, and
  • make claims about the FairWild certified status of products/ingredients to their customers and to companies, who wish to label the finished products as containing FairWild certified ingredients.

A fee schedule is applicable to FairWild Traders, Processors and Licensees. All products sold must be declared annually, and an update of the FairWild Registration form provided. Buyers may receive risk based spot check audits to confirm compliance with the Trading Rules.

All companies involved in FairWild trade chains (Certified Collection Operations, Registered Traders, Processors and Licensees) strive to implement fair trade relations among each other. Specific requirements for First Buyers of certified FairWild products from FairWild certified collection operations are defined in Principle 11 of the FairWild Standard and in the FairWild Trading Rules.

See also Chain of Custody page.

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