FairWild certification is a third-party audited system, whereby audit and certification against the FairWild Standard is conducted by suitably qualified control bodies (CBs). Product certification is based on EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012, addressing the institutional requirements to be fulfilled by a CB certifying products, processes and services.

Initially, audit and certification services have been solely provided by the Swiss Institute for Marketecology (IMO, today renamed IMOswissAG), which has substantially contributed to the development of the scheme in the early years of the FairWild programme.

In 2016, FairWild Foundation opened its certification scheme to other certifiers. The accreditation programme is being introduced in a 2-step-approach: an initial phase I of the programme is taking place with selected CBs in 2016-18, with a full accreditation system under development.

European Beech Fagus sylvatica © FWFImplementation phase I

  • Candidate CBs provide documentary evidence of an ISO 65 or ISO 17065 accreditation with at least one international organic or sustainable standard in the scope;
  • Auditing and certification staff must participate in a four-day specialist training course under the FairWild Auditor Competence programme;
  • After fulfilling all requirements as outlined in the Phase I accreditation guidelines, CBs are granted a preliminary accreditation status for a minimum period of 2 years. After this date, CBs must fulfil the additional accreditation requirements of implementation phase II.
  • Accreditation is available for audit and certification services worldwide, with the exception of the People's Republic of China, where an exclusivity arrangement is in place.

Implementation phase II

  • The full accreditation requirements will be applied with the beginning of implementation phase II, foreseen for 2019;
  • In addition to more detailed requirements set in the frame of the FairWild auditor competence programme, the future accreditation process in phase II will comprise on-site assessment visits and witness audits.

Accreditation is overseen by a coordinator appointed by the FairWild Board of Trustees, with an independent accreditation unit planned for the future.

CBs interested in becoming accredited should contact the FairWild Secretariat for further information.