Explore the wild plants in our FairWild Family


Our FairWild family is growing. There are over 25 species already certified as FairWild, and that number is increasing!

An increased understanding of how common wild plants are in our everyday lives, in everything from cosmetic products to our food and drink has resulted in an increased demand for sustainably harvested species. FairWild aims to help make it easier for producers and buyers to source and supply FairWild species.

Click on the images below to explore our FairWild family of species. This is split into species - and the producers who supply them - which are already FairWild certified, and those species which could potentially become FairWild if there was enough demand.



Please also find below a specific list of the FairWild ingredients that have cosmetic applications.


 The full list of FairWild-certified operators and ingredients is also available for download (PDF). The list also includes ingredients from certified sources available only through a distributing company (certificate mandator). The FairWild Foundation does not accept responsibility for or endorse the companies listed.

If you are interested in sourcing some FairWild products/ingredients, or are an operator and want to become FairWild certified, then please get in touch.

We'll also be sharing success stories about sustainable wild plant harvesting and showing you how you or your business can be part of a sustainable future for wild plants. Get involved with the action on our social accounts for the latest videos, stories and more ...




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